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Head Gasket, Head Gasket Kits, Cylinder Head Gasket manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Head Gaskets (No-asbestoes, asbstoes, graphite), Auto Spare Parts, Cables for Car & Truck and so on.
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Head Gaskets (No-asbestoes, asbstoes, graphite)

Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Transport Package: Ctns
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material: Silicon
  • Enter Attribute Here (E. G.: Size): Enter Value Here (E. G.: 12 Inches)
  • Style: O Ring
  • Shape (For Gasket): Grooved Gasket
  • Function: Shaft Sealing
  • Application: Equipment Seal
  • Trademark: OPS
  • Specification: Standard, ISO9001
  • Origin: Made in China
Product Description
1. Materials: No-asbestoes, asbstoes, graphite for selection
2. Produce according to the customer's requirement
3. Competitive price
OEM No. Engine type  
12251-634-010, 12251-642-020     EG602  82EN
12251-PEO-003, 12251-PEO-010 EG603  84EW
12251-689-010, 12251-PB2-000 EG606  81EK
12251-PC1-000, 12251-PC1-020 EG607  82EL
12251-PH4-003 EG608  86A20A
12251-PC7-003, 12251-PC6-003 EG610  84ES
12251-PT0-J020, 12251-POA-004 EG613  F22A (asbestos)
12251-PTO-004, 12251-PTO-014 EG609  F20A  F22A (metal)
12251-PTO-J020 EG613 F22A (metal)
12251-PM3-003 EG604  D15B
12251-657-000/010 EG611 ED
12251-PL2-003 EG621 C27A
12251-PY3-0030 EG626L C32A
12261-PY3-0030 EG626R C32A
12251-PK1-661 EG617 B20A
12251-PK1-662 EG617 B20A
12251-PH3-00   B20A
12251-P2J-014 EG625 D16Y5
    K24A4 (metal)
12251-REB-Z01   L15A1 (metal)
12251-PM7-003 EG623 D16A1
12251-P8R-004 EG624 B20A
12251-PLC-003 EG643 D15BB
    L12A1 (asbestos)
8-94216-869-0, 8-94211-865-0 EG803 G180Z-KB25
8-94213-809-1 EG804 G200Z
8-94109-553-1, 8-94332-326-0 EG820 4JA1 (metal)
8-94109-553-1 EG820 4JB1 (metal)
8-94418-920-0 EG833 4BE1
5-11141-083-0 EG832 4BC2
1-11141-261-1 EG869 10PE1 (metal)
8-97048-676-0 EG809 4FD1 (meta)
8-94124-880-0 EG807 4FD1
8-94174-279-0 EG813 4ZE1
8-94224-313-0 EG811 4ZC1
8-94324-053-0, 8-94146-244-1 EG812 4ZD1
5-11141-067-1, 5-11141-082-1 EG822 C223 (metal)
8-97019-361-1 EG890 6VD1
0324-10-271, 8034-10-271 EG302  323TC
8569-10-271 EG303  323UC
E301-10-271, E501-10-271 EG304  323E3-E5
0222-10-271 EG310  NA626
F801-10-271 EG313  F8626
B301-10-271, B302-10-271 EG305  B3
FE3N-10-271 EG316  FE
OVN01-10-271 EG333  VN metal
OVN01-10-271 EG333 VN
B630-10-271 EG306  B5
0453-10-271 EG311  MA626
F601-10-271 EG312  F6
B541-10-271 EG308  B6
RF03-10-271 EG321  R2
R201-10-271A EG320  R2 metal
SL01-10-271K EG326K  SL
1363-10-271 EG323 HA-S2
FS01-10-271 EG315 FS
0522-10-271 EG328 VA-E2000
F202-10-271 EG314 F2
BP01-10-271 EG309 BP
PN11-10-271B EG330 PN
KL01-10-271B EG351R KL
KL01-10-272B EG351L KL
F8B5-10-271 EG662 Mazda FE
WL01-10-271, WLY0-10-271 EG362 WL metal
LF01-10-271   M6 metal
    KIA SEPHIAI 1500
MD030293, 22311-2110 EG207 4G12
MD007515, MD009451, MD008766 EG216 4G32
MD010313, MD012886, MD074094 EG217 4G32B   
MD062144, MD151228   EG218 4G37
MD110383, MD026654 EG222 4G54     
MD040533 EG231 4G63  
MD346925 EG225 4G64   
MD050545, MD088581   EG236 4D55    
MD112531, MD137976 EG237 4D56
ME031489, ME031521, ME031916 EG252 6D14
ME071182, ME071285, ME071923 EG255 6D16
MD165614 EG228 6G72
MD197286 EG2006 6G74
MD144896 EG227 T120SS
MD004430/32, 22311-11600 EG211 4G32 new
ME011045     EG291 4D30 metal
ME013326 EG292 4D31 metal
ME013330 EG294 4D32 metal
ME013334, ME011077, ME011085 EG293 4D33 metal
ME013300 EG295 4D34 metal
ME011009, ME011008, ME011017 EG290 4D30
ME013326 EG292 4D31
ME013300 EG295 4D34
MD010432 EG268 4G41
MD163293, MD099568 EG247 4D65
MD246925 EG225 4G64  
MD246925 EG225 G64FR
MD199175 EG2015 G64K
MD190393 EG226 4G64B
MD010313, MD012886  EG217 4G32B
MD050545, MD088581   EG236 4D55 (asbestos)
MD148794 EG209 G15B
ME001061, ME001136 EG242 4DR5
ME013330 EG294 4D32 (asbestos)
MD062144, MD151228   EG218 4G37
MD148797 EG209 4G15
MD010313 EG217 4G32B (M)
MD040533 EG231 G63B
MD342397 EG277 4G18 (metal)
MD332034 EG2008 4G63
MD000438 EG212 4G33-4G36
MD184399 EG234 4G92
MD18876/7 EG269 6A12
ME200751/2/3/4 EG246 4M40
MD323473 EG2013 4G15 new
ME091583, ME029000 EG273 8DC9
ME061574, ME051714 EG262 6D22 metal
    4G18 (asbestos)
11044-H3901, 11044-H1000 EG900  A12-120Y
11044-H7200, 11044-H7211 EG901  C20-A14
11044-01M00, 11044-01M10 EG903  E13-E15
11044-A3800/10, 11044-B9500/10 EG926  J15
11044-P5100/10, 11044-Y4400 EG927  H20-E23
11044-U0800/03, 11044-U0811 EG921  L18
11044-N4200 EG924  L28
11044-10W01, 11044-W4000/02 EG933  E24-Z24
11044-W4010/11 EG931  E25-Z20
11044-D0101, 11044-D0102 EG940  CA16
11044-D0203, 11044-D0200/3 EG941  CA18  
11044-79E02 EG944  SR20
11044-33Y01 EG914 SR18
11044-54A02, 11044-16A05/06/07 EG950  CD17
11044-G5500, 11044-BC02 EG952  LD20
11044-43-G01, 11044-43-G02 EG972  TD27 (metal)
11044-44G01, 11044-87G00 EG971  TD25 (metal)
11044-02N01/02/03 EG970  TD23 (metal)
11044-43-G01, 11044-43-G02 EG972  TD27 
11044-44G01, 11044-87G00 EG971  TD25 
11044-02N01/02/03 EG970  TD23
11044-74Y00 EG907  GA16DS
11044-53Y00, 11044-53Y01 EG906  GA14DS
11044-09W00, 11044-09W01 EG963  SD23-25
11044-09W00, 11044-09W01 EG963  SD23 (metal)
11044-V5202, 11044-V5203 EG943  VG30
11044-0W000 EG9005 VG33
11044-C8000, 11044-C0600 EG938  P40
11044-03J00, 11044-37J00 DG949  TB42S
11044-42L00 EG947 RB20E
11044-D1700/02, 11044-D1702/03 EG942 CA20
11044-1E401, 11044-1E420 EG935 KA24DE
11044-W7000/01 EG930 Z16
11044-22J10/2, 11044-22J15/17 EG954 RD28
11044-40F00 EG934 NA20
11044-87A00 EG909 GA14S
11044-95003 EG985 NE6 (metal)
11044-06J00 EG979 TD42 (metal)
11044-0C400/01/02 EG955 CD20 (metal)
11044-0C400/01/02 EG955 CD20 (asbestos)
11044-01B00/02 EG915 MA10
11044-05B00, 11044-08B00 EG916 MA12
11044-4M400 EG9009 QG13DE
11044-10V01 EG948 VG20
11044-2Y900 EG919R VQ30 R
11044-2Y905 EG919L VQ30 L
11044-N4210, 11044-N4200, 11044-N4220 EG924 L28S
11044-W7000/01, 11044 -W7010/12 EG930 Z16E
11044-96560E EG9059 PE6 (NC000)
11044-41B00 EG917 MA13
11044-40F00 EG934 KA24E-3
11044-53F00 EG935 KA24E-1

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